London Honours Youth Ambassador With Water Walk

Photo of Alex Foto from Facebook.

Londoners will “Live Like Alex” at an event in honour of the 19-year-old who dreamt of making the world a better place.

The first National Water Walk in London will be held to celebrate the life of World Vision Youth Ambassador Alex Foto.

Foto was killed on August 7, 2014 when her bicycle collided with a cement truck at the corner of Wharncliffe Rd. and Riverside Dr.

World Vision Youth and Student Leader, Brianna Locke, says Foto had come up with the idea of a water walk for a scholarship entry before she passed away.

“We knew that this was a perfect way to honour her as an individual,” says Locke. “This was absolutely Alex’s idea and we are just running with it in a way we hope she is proud of.”

Teams will walk six kilometres from Victoria Park to Foto’s former school Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School carrying jerry cans full of water.

Six kilometres represents the average distance women and children walk every day to collect water for their families in some Third World countries.

Locke believes Foto would be happy to see people talking about water consumption and availability issues and coming together to raise awareness.

“We are honouring Alex, but we are also doing something for other people, and that’s definitely what motivated her,” says Locke. “She was really motivated to create a better world, so I think she would love to see her city of London stand behind her and make this impact globally.”

She says Foto’s family is humbled and excited for the walk to take place.

“I think they are very touched to see the city she grew up in come together to honour her memory,” says Locke.

Water walks will be held all across the country this weekend and Locke hopes they will become annual events.

Foto was a World Vision Youth Ambassador and had gone on many youth mission trips to places like Kenya and the Dominican Republic. She was studying International Development at the University of Waterloo.

“Alex was a remarkable individual. She was a brilliant student and an even better humanitarian,” says Locke. “She inspired so many of us to really live the best life that we could.”

The money raised will go towards Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) stations and education for communities that lack adequate water sources.

Anyone who would like to participate in the event can register until the day of the walk on August 9.

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