Millions Given For Drug Treatment Initiatives

MP Susan Truppe at Addiction Services of Thames Valley, July 29, 2015. Photo by Victoria Sartor,

The National Anti-Drug Strategy is investing nearly $24-million to improve substance abuse treatment systems across Canada.

MP Susan Truppe made the announcement on Wednesday at Addiction Services of Thames Valley.

The funding will be given over two years and will support 14 treatment initiatives delivered across the country.

“Addressing the abuse of illicit and prescription drugs has been a key priority for Minister Ambrose and our government,” says Truppe. “We recognize that Canadians suffering from addiction need help and we all need to be sure that our communities are safe.”

Truppe says the Government of Ontario will receive nearly $7-million to improve drug treatment systems and programs to help young people who struggle with addiction to receive the best treatment and support.

Pam Hill, director of clinical services at Addiction Services of Thames Valley, says the funding will also help with prevention and awareness work.

“Families are hurt and broken, the economy is broken, and healthcare suffers when people become substance involved in a way that is addictive, so I think this can lead to improvements in all of those areas,” says Hill.

She adds about 2,500 people enter into full assessments and treatment processes at Addiction Services of Thames Valley every year.

The Health Portfolio invests about $130-million a year to address addictions and drug abuse in Canada under the National Anti-Drug Strategy.