Wolseley Barracks Gets Big Investment

Susan Truppe, July 2015. Photo courtesy of Susan Truppe's Twitter account.

London’s Wolseley Barracks and Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Prevost will receive $10-million for repairs.

MPs Susan Truppe and Ed Holder made the announcement on Monday.

The investment will be used for upgrading and remodeling the Wolseley Barracks, HMCS Prevost, and the training facility in Port Stanley.

The projects will begin this summer.

“The benefits of these projects extend well beyond the men and women of the reserves,” says Truppe. “It will also provide economic benefits to the local community, support trades and create local jobs here in London.”

Demolition work at Wolseley Barracks will also be suspended until further consultations are done.

The Department of National Defence has received $452-million for repairs and upgrades to Canadian Armed Forces facilities.

The Government says these investments will create over 10,000 jobs in places like London by the end of next year.