One Child, Seven Dogs Left In Hot Cars

Photo by bradleygee via Flickr

Woodstock police are reminding drivers to make sure they don’t leave kids or pets in the car on hot days.

Police say, on a weekend that saw humidex readings approaching 40C, they responded to calls about a child left in a hot car and seven instances in which dogs were left in vehicles.

Luckily, neither the child or dogs required medical attention. In each case, the drivers were issued warnings.

Police and health officials say people need to be aware of the dangers posed by leaving children and pets in vehicles on hot days.

According to child safety advocacy group, Kids In Cars, the temperature inside a vehicle on a hot day can reach 50C in a matter of minutes. It adds the core temperature of a young child rises three to five times faster than that of adults.

The group suggests keeping a teddy bear in a child seat in the car. When the child is being buckled in, the teddy bear is moved to the passenger seat to remind the driver of the child in the back.