Boat Catches Fire, Sinks In Lake Erie

Boat catches fire and sinks in Lake Erie. Photo courtesy of OPP.

The OPP says no one was injured when a sailboat caught fire and sank near the Long Point lighthouse.

The marine unit and American Coast Guard saw a large plume of smoke on Lake Erie around 7:45pm Thursday night.

The 50 ft sailboat was found about 3.5 km from the Canada/United States border.

Investigators say a man noticed smoke coming from the inside and tried to extinguish the fire, but it continued to spread. He escaped the burning boat using a 10 ft Zodaic that was attached to it. A passing boat helped him until the marine unit and coastguard arrived.

Police say the burning boat filled with water then sank in 210 ft of water.

Police are asking anyone who travels on the water to be prepared for events such as this one.

The boater, from Erie, Pennsylvania, was unharmed and taken home by the coastguard.