Gearing Up For PRIDE London

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This year’s PRIDE London celebrations will run a full ten days with a total of 35 events at 18 different London venues.

PRIDE starts on Friday, July 17 and ends the following weekend with the annual parade.

It is expected this year’s parade will have upwards of 100 entries.

Officials say London has been a very accepting and inclusive community, but it is still important to celebrate the LGBTQ community.

“I think there’s 78 countries where you can still be killed or imprisoned for life for being a member of the LGBTQ community. That’s definitely a reason to continue to celebrate pride, that fight for equality,” says President of the PRIDE London Festival Andrew Rosser. “PRIDE used to be about fighting for equality and rights, and to a degree it still is, but really it’s about education. As far as we’ve come in Canada there are a lot on countries that are not even closed to where we are.”

For a full rundown of events and a schedule click here.