Media Blackout in Place On Contract Talks

Union members rally outside London's City Hall during CUPE Local 101 inside workers strike. Photo by Ashton Patis.

There have been no updates from either side in the insider worker contract negotiations as talks resumed on Sunday with a provincial mediator.

Negotiators for the City of London and CUPE Local 101 agreed to resume discussions under a media blackout. The city invited the union to resume talks after they broke down again last week. The union accused the city of introducing new conditions to its proposal while the city admitted its wording could have been misconstrued. The city claimed it was willing to hire 25 part-time workers to take on weekend shifts that full-timers didn’t want to work. But it also said the way it was written could have made it appear that they wanted to hire 2,500 part-timers and actually replace full-time employees. It insists that is not the case.

About 750 city employees went on strike on May 25.