Government Consulting On Workplace Legislation Reform

Public consultations for Changing Workplaces, July 7, 2015. Photo by Victoria Sartor,

The Ministry of Labour is looking to modify legislation to support Ontario businesses and protect workers.

Consultations are being held in London as part of the Changing Workplace Review to see how the Labour Relations Act and the Employment Standards Act can be revised to fit the changing economy.

John Murray, special advisor to the Government of Ontario, says there is always something worthwhile that comes from these sessions.

“Sometimes there are variations on a theme, sometimes they are a completely different perspective than other presenters have on the same point,” he says.

Special advisor Michael Mitchell says the overlying themes of the presentations are the impact of technology and the overall need for global competitiveness.

“There’s just a lot of dimensions to modern work that have changed and are still changing that we need to look at,” says Mitchell.

He notes there will be another round of private consultations before a report is made in 2016.