Woman Carrying Illegal Snake Stopped By St. Thomas Police

File photo courtesy of © CanStockPhoto.com/ARZTSAMUI

St. Thomas police are issuing a reminder to do your research before buying pets online after a woman was stopped in the downtown core carrying an illegal red-tail boa constrictor.

Under the bylaw, the exotic pet is banned in St. Thomas.

Officers say the woman, 19, had just bought the pet off of Kijiji and was not sure what to feed it, so she was walking to the pet store.

“Police would like to remind those who are thinking of purchasing exotic pets to research their future pets ahead of time to find out what they eat and what is needed to care for them. Many exotic pets are very difficult to care for and the care may be costly. Also remember that if you don’t have the food on hand when they are hungry, you may become the food,” St. Thomas police say in a news release.

All city bylaws can be found at stthomas.ca.

She has not been charged by police, but the city bylaw officer is dealing with the situation.