Late-Night Talks Bring No Deal

Union members rally outside London's City Hall during CUPE Local 101 inside workers strike. Photo by Ashton Patis.

A resumption of negotiations between the City of London and CUPE Local 101 went into the wee hours of Friday morning, but there’s still no new agreement in the strike by inside workers.

The pair are back at the bargaining table now, but have agreed to a media blackout.

Earlier, a two-line update was posted by the union on its website. It reads: Talks continued until 1:15am, no agreement has been reached. The parties will be in contact with the mediator Friday morning.

Information about how the strike affects services is here.

The strike by about 750 city workers is approaching a sixth week. Previously, union officials said some of the sticking points in negotiations centred on the city’s wishes to extend their working hours into evenings and weekends and to put new, lower limits on pension eligibility for new hires.

The city was offering 1% and 1.1% raises over the life of a four-year deal while the union wanted 1.5%-2% increases.