Trudeau Talks Environmental Platform In London

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in London, July 2. Photo by Victoria Sartor,

On the heels of announcing his party’s environmental platform, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is touring Southwestern Ontario, sharing his plans of investing in clean technologies.

Trudeau visited Canadian Solar in London on Thursday, and says more focus is needed on creating economic growth in a green way. He notes the Liberals’ plan will create clean jobs, grow the economy, and protect the environment.

“We will invest $100-million more in clean technology producers so that they can tackle Canada’s most pressing environmental challenges,” says Trudeau.

He says the Liberals will ensure that Canada can tap into the economic opportunities of the environment and create clean jobs.

“A Liberal government will be a champion of clean energy and energy efficiency, going around the world to promote the kinds of technologies being created right here in London.”

The platform is receiving criticism from the NDP and the Conservatives.

The NDP says Trudeau’s plan has few details and borrows heavily from its own plan. The Conservative party says Trudeau does not understand the implications of some of his policies.