Jurors To Choose Back To The River Finalists

Mayor Matt Brown at the Thames River by Ashton Patis, Blackburn News

The Back to the River jurors are meeting in London to select the finalists for the design competition.

Martha Powell, President and CEO of the London Community Foundation, says the jurors will take a tour of the Thames River then deliberate behind closed doors at the London Community Foundation.

The finalists will receive $40,000 to continue developing their plans for the riverfront. Then, the finalist will be granted $200,000 to develop the areas.

“It’s a lot of work to put these things together,” says Powell. “The ones that get to stage two are going to have to put full head-on work into their proposals.”

The jurors will evaluate the candidates based on the strength and quality of vision statements, experience and strength of lead proponent, experience and strength of proponent team and demonstrated experience in projects of similar size and scope.

Powell says over the course of the summer, the finalists will come to London to see the river and continue to prepare their proposals.

There will be an open forum for the community to see the finalists make their final proposals on October 22.

The jurors will choose the winner on October 23 and make the announcement early November.

To give input for the project visit backtotheriver.ca.