Inside Workers Cross Picket Lines

Union members rally outside London's City Hall during CUPE Local 101 inside workers strike. Photo by Ashton Patis.

London’s city manager says roughly 40 striking inside city workers have crossed picket lines and returned to work, despite threats from the union.

CUPE Local 101 has said in previous statements that anyone who returned to work could be fined by the union or face suspension, but the city is reassuring workers that there will be no negative consequences when all is said and done.

“Returning to work is a legal right that employees have under the labour relations act. The CUPE 101 employees are city employees, they’re not employees of the union,” City Manager Art Zuidema tells “We want to make our position very clear, we will require that our settlement with the union guarantees that there will be no reprisals against our employees for exercising their legal rights.”

Meanwhile, the union, backed by the London and District Labour Council, has promised to ramp up demonstrations at city hall and other sites across London.

Inside city workers walked off the job on May 25.