Flooded Basement?

(c) Can Stock Photo

The heavy rain that came in with thunderstorms early Tuesday morning didn’t set a record, but it appears to have caused a lot of damage to residential basements and retail spaces.

Environment Canada reports that nearly 2 inches (47mm) fell in London during the storms. White Oaks Mall and Argyle Mall were both forced to closed some of their stores due to flooding. London police were also forced to close several streets that became impassable and traffic signals blinked red throughout the city for Tuesday morning’s drive.

And then people checked their basements. Social media filled up with reports of homeowners pulling up soaked flooring and attempting to dry out their wet lower levels. Among them, Free 981’s Steve Stax.

“We have a sump pump but it just couldn’t keep up with that much rain. I pulled out the sopping underpad and today I’m going to rent a huge fan to try to dry out the carpet that’s only a few years old. It’s frustrating.”

The city of London wants to hear from you if you’ve experienced a flooded basement. More info is available HERE.