ONERUN Founder Sets Off For A 100km Journey

Theresa Carriere (right) and Tina Morgan (left) at the ONERUN Student/Senior Walk on May 20, 2015. Photo by Victoria Sartor,

A London woman is running the equivalent of two-and-a-half marathons on Friday, to raise money for cancer research.

Theresa Carriere, founder of ONERUN, left Sarnia shortly after 7am Friday to run to London.

At each kilometre, Carriere will be joined by a member of the community who will run in honour of someone who has battled the disease.

“There’s a lot of energy, there’s a lot of stories, there’s a lot of emotion, and every kilometre we are reminded as to why we are doing this,” she says.

Carriere began ONERUN after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. She says the goal of ONERUN is not only the fundraising, but providing hope and support for those dealing with cancer.

“I think whenever you see somebody fighting with you, you feel that strength,” says Carriere. “So I think the bottom line is just providing the hope that so many cancer patients need at this time.”

This year, ONERUN has created the ONERUN Education Fund.

Carriere says patients feel a disconnect between the family physician, the oncologist and the radiologist, and this fund will pull these together so there is less stress for the cancer patient and their families.

Carriere is set to arrive at John Paul II Catholic Secondary School at 7pm on Friday. She will run her last kilometre around the track.

“It’s an incredible spirit and energy that you’ll feel at the finish line, so I’m looking forward to that,” she says.

Over 100 volunteers have worked together this year to prepare for the event.

“I am surrounded by amazing people, and it’s in them that I find the strength,” says Carriere. “Nobody can do this on their own and I’m so grateful for the people I have in my life and those that support us.”

This is the fourth time she will complete the 100 km run.