Elementary Teachers’ Job Action to Start Monday

Wallaceburg District Secondary School classroom. Aug 27 2014 (Photo by Trevor Thompson)

With high school teachers off the job in three Ontario locations, and some parents keeping their kids out of classes to protest the new sex-ed program comes word Ontario’s public elementary school teachers will launch job action next week.

The president of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO), Sam Hammond, confirmed on Twitter that he sent robocalls to the union’s 76,000 members Monday night. In the call he told them a strike notice would be filed and a work-to-rule campaign will begin on Monday, May 11. It’s expected the work-to-rule campaign would include refusal to administer standardized tests, to prepare report cards and to participate in professional development sessions.

The union received a ‘no board’ report from the Ministry of Labour in late April and that put them in legal strike position this Sunday, May 10. More than 800,000 elementary students would be affected.