Parents Pull Kids From School Over Sex Education

Parents protest sex-ed curriculum in Victoria Park. April 14, 2015. Photo by Brooke Foster

Parents across the Thames Valley District School Board and the province have pulled their kids from class in protest of the new sexual education curriculum.

Some say the focus on sexual orientation, gender identity and masturbation do not align with their religious views.

So far, officials at the Thames Valley District School Board say only one school has a significant number of students absent today. About 80 children at Rick Hansen Public School did not show up for class.

“The members of the community who intended to participate in the protest have been using a form created somewhere else where they simply put in their family name and address and the students’ names, indicating they would be away today. There were probably about 15 schools who had some of these letters,” says TVDSB Superintendent Don Macpherson. “We’re always concerned any time a child is away from school for an extended period of time, but we fully recognize the right of a parent to determine attendance at school on any particular day.”

Macpherson says if the parents take issue with the sexual eduction, or anything being taught at the school, they should simply set up a meeting with officials at the school to discuss their concerns.

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