$5.8-million Lawsuit Against London Nursing Home

Helen Fulton provided by Legate and Associates to Blackburn News

A London law firm has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a London nursing home, alleging neglect and abuse of a London resident in their care.

Helen Fulton, a 77-year-old mother of four, was in a secure unit of Henley Place for four months of 2014, because of dementia and other medical conditions. Legate and Associates claim she suffered major injuries, multiple assaults by other residents and two trips to hospital ERs. It got so bad, according to the statement of claim, that an ER doctor refused to release her back to Henley Place. The lawsuit seeks $5.8-million in damages for abuse and neglect.

Legate and Associates lawyer Laura Cammara says Fulton’s caregivers let her and the other residents down.

“It’s a matter of the home having an obligation to ensure that they (the residents) were safe and they were not causing any harm to anyone else,” she says.

None of the allegations have been proven in court. The law firm wants to hear from families whose elderly relatives have suffered similar incidents. Lawyers say they have heard other stories from nursing home residents and want to “call nursing homes to account” for the people in their care.