Londoners Set Sights On World Record

Photo courtesy of DHMakerBus on Facebook.

The founders of the Maker Bus, a mobile tech classroom, are looking to break the world record for the largest human circuit.

London does not hold a single world record. Through a $1,000 grant from the Awesome London foundation the three co-founders are hoping to change that this summer.

“We’re going to get people to stand in a circle and hold hands. A small amount of electricity is going to pass through everyone and light a light, make a sound or launch a rocket. It will accomplish something,” says Co-founder Ryan Hunt. “The current record, which was set in Texas, was 1,113 people. We’re aiming for 1,500 people at the least. Based upon our test it should be good for about 10,000 people.”

A venue is needed for the event, which is slated for mid-summer.

The goal is to get people to sign up online while the process to validate the event through Guinness World Records is on-going.

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