Winter Clothing Donations Needed

The city’s homeless shelters are running low on hats, mittens and scarves to hand out to those one the streets.

London, a long with most of the region, is experiencing a colder than normal February and officials say they have seen a steady stream of people seeking shelter.

“People are coming in and staying longer. Our committment is to make sure that everybody has a roof over their heads and are being checked in out in our community,” says Manager of Homeless Prevention Jan Richardson. “If one of the shelters is full they work in cooperation with each other…if there’s the extreme circumstance where everything is full there’s a provision to have cots out. They are running low on supplies to keep people warm.”

You can drop off mittens, hats and scarves at these four locations:

· The Salvation Army Centre of Hope – 281 Wellington Street

· Mission Services Men’s Mission – 459 York Street

· Unity Project – 717 Dundas Street

· My Sister’s Place – 566 Dundas Street

London Cares is an organization that checks on the city’s homeless and most vulnerable. Aid workers are out 24/7 assisting anyone in need.

If you see someone struggling outdoors in the cold you can call 519 667 2273.