Extreme Cold Dangerous For Pets

Photo by Liz West via Flickr

The London Humane Society is asking you not to leave your pets outside for more than 10 minutes in extreme cold.

When temperatures dip well below the freezing mark many animals suffer from frostbite, hypothermia and windburn the same way humans do.

“We’ve had cats in here that have lost their ears, if their paws are damaged then they’re sensitive for a very long time. Worst case is, same is with the ears, they could lose a limb. We’ve been fortunate not to see that with dogs, but many times cats end up losing limbs when they’re left out,” says Executive Director of the London Humane Society Judy Foster. “You do have to be mindful of those risks to the pet if you just let the pet outside.”

She says while some breeds of dogs to like the outdoors, there is no such thing as an outdoor pet.

“The dog has to be provided an insulated dog house and there are specifications that it must meet to make it legal,” Foster tells BlackburnNews.com. “They also have to have food and water.”

All abuse complaints will be investigated by the humane society.

If someone you know is neglecting an animal, you can report it by calling 519-451-0500 or visiting londonhumanesociety.ca.

Both the London-Middlesex Health Unit and the Elgin-St. Thomas Health Unit have issued extreme cold weather alerts.

Temperatures are forecasted to reach below -20 with the wind chill for the next three days.