Jeans ‘n Classics Honouring Orchestra London Tickets

Concert goers who are holding tickets for now-cancelled Orchestra London shows may still have a chance at getting value for their money.

Jeans n’ Classics and Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario have announced they will honour 100 tickets from the Orchestra’s Red Hot Weekend series at the upcoming Jeans n’ Classics show on January 24.

“We wanted to do something for those ticket holders who were unable to see the concerts they had purchased,” says Jeff Duncan President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario, “We spoke to the London Convention Centre and they will help us accommodate an extra 100 people. Those who have Red Hot Weekend tickets can contact us and we will honour their ticket on a one-time, first come first served basis for the upcoming Jeans ‘n Classics
concert – Every Breath You Take – The Music of Sting and the Police.”

The move comes as Jeans n’ Classics seeks to remind Londoners that the band is not suffering the same problems as Orchestra London.

“Jeans ‘n Classics is alive and well!”, says arranger and guitarist Peter Brennan. “Jeans ‘n Classics has not been on the roster at Orchestra London for three years.”

Red Hot Weekend ticket holders who are interested in getting seats at the upcoming Jeans n’ Classics show can call 519-455-6623, extension 229.