Red Kettle Campaign Falling Short

The Salvation Army is still $300,000 short of this year’s fundraising goal and is desperate need of toys.

The goal this year is to raise $475,000 through the Red Kettle Campaign.  This is the same target as last year, which was only met on Christmas Eve.

“We are behind from where we were last year by just over $25,000,” says spokesperson Perron Goodyear. “It’s starting to become a little bit of a concern.”

You can donate to the Salvation Army’s Red Kettles at various locations and malls across London. Toy donations can be made through Free 98-1’s “Rockin’ the Stockin’ Toy Drive” by dropping off a new, unwrapped toy at the donation box at the Santa display at White Oaks Mall or at the studios at 700 Richmond St.

Goodyear notes it is unclear what the impact will be if the target is not met.

“We’re still optimistic, but if we don’t it will be something we’ll have to look at in the new year, how to proceed,” says Goodyear.

For additional information on how to donate or volunteer visit