Stranger Grabs Nap In Woman’s House

A London woman woke up Friday morning to find a man she didn’t know asleep on a chair in her living room.

Constable Ken Steeves tells that the London man, who is unknown to the homeowner, gained entry to the Princess Ave. home through an unlocked door, went into the living room and went to sleep. The woman woke up just before 6am, discovered the man and called police who say the TV had been left on but the man slept right through it.

“There’s no indication that he intended any harm to the resident,” says Steeves. “He’s also not charged with break and enter because it doesn’t appear that there was an intent to do anything criminal.”

Steeves says the  man isn’t a neighbour and they’re not yet certain why he ended up in that particular house.

“The message here is clear: lock your doors,” he says.

Howard Logan, 37, is charged with being unlawfully in a dwelling.