Last Meeting For “Worst Council Ever”

What has been called London’s worst City Council ever meets for the last time tonight.

The new councillors and Mayor-elect Matt Brown will be sworn in on December 1.

Outgoing Mayor Joni Baechler will not return to politics after four terms on council.

“It was one of the worst councils that I’ve sat on in terms of the divisive nature and the personality conflicts that saw people voting for issues based on personalities or alliances instead of what was in the best interest of the City of London,” Baechler tells “It was a troubling time and a difficult time for a lot of us…You can expect that all of those past practices are gone and what we’ve got is an exciting group of people coming into council.”

Baechler was elected mayor by her colleagues this summer, when Joe Fontana stepped down after being convicted of fraud and breach of trust. The crimes date back to his time as a Liberal MP. He used his federal expense account for a $1,700 payment to the Marconi Club for his son’s wedding reception.

London re-elected only three councillors in October. Paul Hubert, Harold Usher and Bill Armstrong are returning. There are 11 new faces.

Brown has served one term on council.