Harper Announces $5.8-Billion In Funding

Prime Minister Stephen Harper in London. November 24, 2014. Photo by Ashton Patis.

The federal government is pumping $5.8-billion into border crossings, Canadian Armed Forces facilities, heritage sites and infrastructure.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the announcement today during a stop at the Western University Advanced Manufacturing Park in London.

Harper says it is all part of the plan to create more well paying, highly skilled jobs.

Of the $5.8-billion, $2.8-billion is earmarked for infrastructure improvements within Canada’s national parks, marine conservation areas and historical sites.

The largest lump sum of money is $500-million, which is set aside for on-reserve schooling.

Canadian Armed Forces facilities across the country will get $452-million worth of upgrades, while another $440-million is set aside for the replacement of border crossing infrastructure.

Harper told the crowd at the Collider Building that London’s National Research Council Facility will be expanded, along with the site in Montreal. A new NRC facility will be built in Winnipeg. It is unclear how much will be built on to the London building, or how many jobs will be created as a result.

The money will be given out over the next 3 years.