Mental Health Building Opens

Londoners are getting a sneak peek at the brand new St. Joseph’s Mental Health Care Building on Wellington Rd. ahead of the grand opening.

St. Joseph’s is hosting an open house at the 550 Wellington Rd. facility from noon-7pm today.

Plans for the new building have been in the works for over a decade and the site officially opens its doors on Friday, with patients moving in next week.

Officials say those who cannot be treated at other hospitals will continue to be looked after in London at the new dignified and purpose-built facility.

“These are patients who have more difficult symptoms to manage, things like psychosis, moods and anxiety, and individuals with symptoms related to being elderly,” says Vice President for Mental Health Services Sandy Whittall. “This is very much an active treatment hospital. Patients may have longer lengths of stay, but not where they come and kind of spend their life. It’s a very different philosophy in terms of very active treatment and support of patients to get them back out in their community and back connected with their family.”

The current facility on Highbury Ave. is being decomissioned. The province will then decide to do with that land.