Gasoline Sparks Garage Fire

Fire officials say a garage is ruined because its owner used gasoline on the wood he burned in a stove and left the can beside it.

Firefighters were called to a home at 78¬†Clemens St., west of Highbury Ave. between Cheapside St. and Oxford St. at about 1:30pm on Tuesday. By the time they arrived, the home’s detached garage was full of flames that shot up through the roof. The homeowner managed to get out on his own but suffered¬†burns to his hand. He was treated on scene by EMS and then taken to hospital.

According to District Chief Shawn Fitzgerald, the homeowner had sprayed gasoline on wood for his wood-burning stove, and then set the gas can beside the stove. When the wood was lit, the gas vapours flashed sending embers flying. They ignited the gas can and the fire moved quickly through the garage and its roof. Damage is estimated at $20,000.

The fire department is reminding people with fireplaces and wood burning stoves not to use any accelerant, especially gasoline, to start a fire.