Brown Campaign Asking For More Donations

The election may be over, but London’s Mayor-elect isn’t finished raising money. ┬áThe Matt Brown for Mayor campaign has sent an email to supporters, asking for more donations to cover a shortfall.

It’s not uncommon for candidates to be in the red after the election, and Brown’s campaign director, Scott Courtice, says they did better than most.

“Our cash flow was behind by about 10% of our total budget, which is actually a quite lower deficit than most campaigns run.”

Courtice says they don’t exactly how big the shortfall was because the campaign hasn’t been audited yet, but he estimates the figure is between $15,000 and $20,000.

Courtice says the Brown campaign relied on a “large number of small donors rather than a small number of large donors.” He says 85% of the campaign’s individual donors contributed less than $250 dollars, well below the limit of $750.

The campaign hopes those 876 individual donors will be willing to give more.

“We want to raise money the way we did throughout the campaign,” Courtice says. “That is, go to regular people and ask them to dig just a little bit deeper to help with the last little bit.”

He also has a message for Brown critics who wonder how the new Mayor will manage the city’s finances when his campaign ran a deficit.

“The previous mayor who ran a tax freeze raised 31% of his donations after the election was over. Matt is doing much better than that.”

Click image to enlarge the letter from the Matt Brown for Mayor campaign.

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