Brown Wins Race For Mayor

Matt Brown meets with supporters at the London Convention Centre after winning the mayoral race. October 27, 2014. Photo by Ashton Patis.

Londoners have cast their ballots, and have chosen Matt Brown to be the city’s new Mayor.

Brown was declared the winner about an hour after the polls closed. He had opened an insurmountable lead over Paul Cheng.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to turn the page. We’ve heard clearly from Londoners that they’re tired of the political┬ádivisiveness of old. They’re looking for a council that can work together to get things done for London,” Brown tells He notes there will be challenges with 11 new faces on council. “Four years ago I was in that exact spot. There is a steep learning curve, there’s no question… Information comes at you very quickly, but I’m confident that this council will able to get up to speed quickly and deal with the issues.”

Businessman Paul Cheng came in second place, while former councillor Joe Swan was a distant third.

“The last four years were highly controversial and people were looking for an alternative group of councillors to move forward,” says Swan, who admits being part of the so-called ”Fontana 8″ hurt his campaign. “Lots of people said thank you and they appreciated they work that I did, but they’re headed in a new direction.”

Matt Brown has served one term on council as the representative for Ward 7. He promises to hold tax increases to the rate of inflation.

Brown says his three point plan for London will focus on better government, strengthening the business environment and creating an attractive, livable, affordable community.