Mayoral Candidate Cheng’s Rentals Unlicensed

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Mayoral Candidate Paul Cheng is on the defensive after admitting he hasn’t licensed his London rental properties, nor allowed fire inspections.

Cheng tells Blackburn News he has 11 rental units in the city and his refusal to allow inspections or to pay licensing fees is a protest.

Cheng also says he would pay the fees before taking office if he is elected London’s mayor. He is also upset that a staff member at city hall told a reporter that he was under investigation.

“Since when do city staff release information about a private citizen?” says Cheng.

Cheng also clarified a report that he may have rented out a home that contained mould from a marijuana grow-op. Cheng tells Blackburn News that two environmental tests came out positive but after he talked to the testing company they explained that there was residue from marijuana seeds in the home and that airing it out would correct it. Cheng says he rented industrial fans and kept the windows open for a few days and the third test was negative.

*with files from Ashton Patis