Distracted Driving Changes Not Enough

As the province pushes to increase fines and add demerit points to the record of those convicted of distracted driving, local police do not think it will deter people from texting and driving.

As of right now, there are only two provinces in the country that do not have demerit points attached to a distracted driving offence and Ontario is one of them.

“In cases where distracted driving occurs on our roadways and results in a collision the personal loss and tragedy can be tremendous, so I hate to say the demerit points won’t change everyone’s perspective, but I know that that’s the case,” says Sergeant Amanda Pfeffer with London Police’s Traffic Management Unit. “Sadly, it isn’t a demerit point, three demerit points, or a large fine that will change perspective on it, it’s tragedy.”

The current fine for distracted driving is between $60-$500. New legislation introduced by the province would see that increased to $300-$1,000 and three demerit points added to a driver’s record upon conviction, if passed.

Ontario is also pushing for the ability to apply impaired driving sanctions to those impaired by drugs.

Distracted driving has now surpassed impaired driving and speed as the leading killer on provincial roadways.