Brown Says It’s A Two Man Race


Matt Brown says one week ahead of election day it is clear London’s mayoral race is between himself and Paul Cheng.

Brown rallied at his campaign office this morning after gaining endorsement from several small businesses in the city.

Recent polls show Matt Brown leads the mayoral race, with business man Paul Cheng a close second. Candidate Roger Caranci bowed out last week and threw his support behind Cheng.

However, Brown tells he is not nervous and is hopeful he can hang onto the lead.

“I’m confident that Londoners will take a good hard look at this plan and the other plan that’s before them and they’ll make a decision that’s in the best interest of London,” says Brown. “One candidate has a plan, has costed the plan and articulated the plan. One hasn’t. We need to pay attention as we come to make the most important decision that we can make over the next 4 years that will either drive our community forward or revert us to the chaos that we’ve seen over the past 4 years.”

London votes on October 27.

The city is reporting an increase in turnout at advance polls compared to the 2010 election.