Schools In South Central London To Remain Open File Photo of the Thames Valley District School Board office.

All elementary schools in South Central London under accommodation review will remain open, as will A. J. Baker Public School in Kintore.

For another 5 years, Aberdeen, Ealing and Trafalgar Public Schools will remain status quo, despite being already under capacity in an area dealing with declining enrollment.

Thames Valley District School Board Trustees could not decide what was best for the community when it came to consolidating the three schools, even after an extensive accommodation review.

“There’s still too many what ifs and trustees are still struggling with all the potential what ifs, and without a firm understand of those options it’s difficult to make a decision,” says Chair of the Thames Valley District School Board Ruth Tisdale. “We’re dealing with funding formula issues, we’re dealing with the realities of the communities. Basically as it is right now, we’re choosing between bricks and motor and research about student achievement, it’s a no win situation.”

The Accommodation Review Committee reccommended closing Ealing and Aberdeen and sending all students to Trafalgar, or closing Trafalgar and splitting the students between the two remaining schools.

“I wasn’t expecting this, but we’ll take it. It’s better than seeing one school closed and a community torn apart,” says Chair of Ealing Public School Council Louise¬† DiGirolamo, who notes they have bought some. “We’re going to improve the Hamilton Rd. corridor, bring more student and families in and showing them that we can fill those schools.”

The issue can only be brought up again at a TVDSB meeting if a trustee sees fit. Another accommodation review for the same area cannot happen for the next five years.