Caranci Drops Out Of Mayoral Race

Roger Caranci is dropping out of London’s mayoral race and throwing his support behind Paul Cheng.

A recent poll gave just 7% of respondent support to Caranci, while Cheng was at 27%. Matt Brown was in front with 39% support. Joe Swan trailed with 6%.

While Caranci is dropping out of the race, his name will still be on the ballot. He says he doesn’t want anyone to mark his name and split the anti-Brown vote. He has been an outspoken critic of what he calls Matt Brown’s plan to “tax and spend.”

“I asked Matt, ‘what is the cost of this platform? What will the cost be to the average tax payer of London on a yearly basis for the next 4 years?’ He refuses to answer that question and it’s a big, big concern of mine,” says Caranci. “I really, honestly, do believe he (Cheng) has a good plan for the city of London and to get the city back on track.”

Businessman Paul Cheng has never served time on City Council or any committee. Caranci say it may take him a few months to understand the inner workings of City Hall, but he believes he is the best candidate for the job.