Thanksgiving Monday a Holiday from Shopping

photo by Elsie Hui of White Spot Macleod Trail turkey dinner

Thanksgiving is one of the nine statutory holidays each year that requires most Ontario retailers to stay closed.

Businesses that defy the Retail Business Holidays Act are at risk of a fine between $500-50,000, depending on the number of times they’ve been caught.

Masonville Place, Westmount Mall, White Oaks Mall and other major retailers will stay closed on Monday, as will major grocery stores. A select few pharmacies will stay open including the Shoppers Drug Marts on Hamilton Rd and in Byron, from 10 am until 6 pm.

Beer stores will be closed on Monday except for the retail outlet at the Labatt Brewery on Horton St. which has a holiday exemption from the City of London.

East Park will be open on Thanksgiving Monday as will London Children’s Museum. It will also be the last day of the season for Fanshawe Pioneer Village with a traditional Thanksgiving feast available. The Pumpkin Festival at Clovermead Farm continues on Thanksgiving Monday, and right through until October 25.