Swan Pledges Support For Local Entrepreneurs

If elected mayor, Joe Swan is promising his independent business plan will create 5,200 new jobs in London over four years.

He is pledging $1.5-million for workshops, mentoring, marketing and kick start funding for those who have a viable start up idea.

“We’re going to provide them with the tools, the equipment and the training so they become real¬†entrepreneurs in our community and we really want to stop the amount of creative talent that’s leaving London. We want to provide opportunities for them to be successful here,” says Swan. “We spend over $3-million a year to attract new companies. This is adding to that pool of money at London Economic Development Corporation to focus on entrepreneurship and small business. So, we have the skills and experience at LEDC and they just need the resources to encourage young people to start up their business in London.”

Swan tells BlackburnNews.com his plan would see 400 new jobs created in the first year.

He notes London needs to move away from the large-scale manufacturing mentality and focus on expanding local talent and businesses.