Six-Block Area A Favourite Of Thieves

map supplied by London Police Service

London police say they’ve identified a pattern and a narrow part of the city that’s being targeted by thieves who are breaking into homes and cars.

The area is bordered by Oxford St. in the north, John St. in the south, Richmond St. to the east and Talbot St to the west. They used analytical mapping software to determine that there has been a rise of vehicle and residential break-ins in this specific six-block area this year, and police say they’re happening at all hours of the day.

On average, this area reports 26 break-and-enters and 71 thefts from vehicles annually. So far in 2014, there have been 32 break-and-enters and 96 thefts. Police say that in most of the break-and-enters, thieves have gained entry to the home through unlocked doors and windows. In the case of vehicles, items such as bags were visible on the seats. Electronics were most often stolen.

London police are reminding you to keep valuables out of sight and to lock your vehicle and your home. They would also like anyone seeing suspicious activity to report it to them.