Seeing One Community

The London InterCommunity Health Centre marks 25 years. Photo courtesy of

As the London InterCommunity Health Centre marks 25 years of serving those struggling with addictions, mental health issues and poverty, officials are asking you to look at the city through a different lens.

The “See One Community” campaign is aimed at tackling stereotypes and making people realize when the most vulnerable in our community are taken care of then we all benefit.

“This is about helping people see a deeper aspect in the community that they might not have been aware of, to see the story behind some of the struggles that people have overcome,” says Executive Director Michelle Hurtubise. “When organizations like ours work with people to provide these services we keep them out of the hospitals, out of the emergency rooms. Community health centres in general in the province serve a more complex population than other forms of primary care.”

The centre directly serves 1.5% of Londoners, mainly refugees, immigrants and the homeless. Their goal is to keep people well, rather than paying for and treating the symptoms of sickness, which impacts us all economically.

Over the next week officials with the centre will be sharing success stories. The “See One Community” campaign will then wrap up on November 6 with a visual showcase at the Goodwill Centre.

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