No Solution For Food Bank Warehouse photo

A six-month study by the London Poverty Research Center has determined the current food bank warehouse system is still the best way for low income residents to get the food they need, at least for now.

Officials at the London Food Bank had hoped to close the warehouse and implement a system to make nutritious, affordable food available in markets or grocery stores.

“We’re a city of almost 400,000 people and what we’re being told is that we do not yet have the capacity to be able to help people more directly either through a grocery store or in their neighbourhoods. I think that’s a sad thing to have to face in our community,” Co-Director of the London Food Bank Glen Pearson tells “We’ve got some of the best food in the world all around London but most of it doesn’t come into London. So why is it that we can’t set up a system where that food comes into London and is discounted so they (low income earners) could get local and nutritious food.”

Pearson is hopeful that eventually the can develop a distribution system that allows clients to get their food in the same way the rest of the population does and put an end to the stigma around those who utilize the warehouse.