Downtown Highrise Plans Put On Pause

The plan to build a highrise at the site of the Middlesex London Health Unit on King St. has hit a roadblock.

Staff presented the proposal to the Planning and Environment Committee last night, but the committee sent the county’s request back to staff for more information.

The county currently owns the land at 50 King St. in the downtown core. The goal is to build a near 30 storey multi-use highrise to house offices, apartments and retail stores.

“It’s one of our opportunities to front-face the river. So, at that base there’s an opportunity to incorporated resturaunts, cafes, and niche commercial uses that front onto the river,” says Chief City Planner John Fleming, who notes there were some worries from those currently living in the area. “Many of them were relating to views from some of the private spaces and existing towers that are in the downtown. Some were feeling that the fact that there wasn’t a specific proposal at this time was of concern.”

Flemming says the building would house about 200 residential units and over 4,000 sq m of commercial space

The courtyards will be maintained, but surface parking between the health unit, the courthouse and the river will be removed and replaced with landscaping.

A revised report will come before council next week.