In Motion Community Challenge

The Middlesex London Health Unit is challenging the community to get moving and log more than 2-million minutes of physical activity this month.

Last year, Londoners alone completed over 2-million minutes of activity throughout October. This year, the health unit hopes people will use the web site, mobile app and printable tracking sheets to break that record.

“We had been putting messages out in the community about being physically active, but then wanted to engage people into actually doing something so when we were brainstorming one day we came up with the challenge,” says Chair of the In Motion Challenge Mary Lou Albanese. “We have health issues related to people being overweight and obese, we have a lot of people who have chronic diseases┬áthat are related to some of those factors and whether you have an illness or not, being active is just a healthy thing to do.”

You can log your minutes at or download the In Motion mobile app.