Arrests Made In Baby Memorabilia Theft

Police have recovered some baby memorabilia stolen from a grieving family.

Earlier this month, police reported that an oak box had been taken from a vehicle parked on Wellington Rd. in London.

Inside the oak box were sentimental items belonging to the parents of newborn baby Sawyer who died in a Wingham crash.  The mother, Marsha Benninger is in critical condition and currently being treated in a London hospital.

The parents┬ápleaded for the return of a CD with baby pictures, a card with the baby’s name and date of his death on it, moldings of the baby’s feet, a lock of hair, a baby blanket, a sleeper and a knit hat.

On September 25, police arrested two Londoners on an unrelated matter. Inside the vehicle were some items stolen from the family’s vehicle, along with over 20g of marijuana.

A day later, police executed a search warrant at a Wilkins St. home where the oak box was found along with the sleeper, baby blanket and knit hat.

Mark Barton, 32, and Amanda Fordman, 34, of London faces a slew of charges. Both will appear in a London court at a later date.

Still missing is the baby’s lock of hair, foot moldings, CD with baby pictures and the card with the name and date of the baby’s death on it.

If any of the items are recovered police are asking that they be returned to headquarters on Dundas St.