Homecoming Parties A Major Concern

Western Homecoming celebrations on Broughdale Ave., September 21, 2014. Photo courtesy of London Police Service.

Police are issuing a warning, smarten up or lose homecoming, after parties spilled onto the streets of London near Western University.

Roughly 7,500 people congregated on Broughdale Ave. on Sunday afternoon. A total of 60 officers were deployed to the area to deal with the massive street party.

“It took four different and separate occasions to move the crowd out of that particular area, but it reached a point where we actually had to shut down Richmond St. between Huron and the gates because we were worried about pedestrian traffic and the risk of being struck,” says Police Chief Brad Duncan, who notes homeowners are disgusted. “A senior living on that street has to have a no trespassing sign posted on her front porch and has to deal with individuals urinating on her property. The sound of glass was evident when we were there and once it was cleared there was broken glass all over the street.”

Duncan says the university cleaned up the area when the crowds cleared. He says the dialogue between the school and the police force is pleasant, it is the off campus parties that are the problem.

Police have already eliminated the homecoming parade due to public drunkenness and crowds.

This weekend marked the end of Project LEARN, a police initiative that starts on Labour Day weekend to combat public drinking and partying.

Duncan tells BlackburnNews.com the Fleming Dr. area, the scene of 2012’s St. Patricks Day riots, was relatively quiet.

Official statistics and policing costs are expected to be released today.