Cost of Eating Well Continues To Rise

The cost of leading a healthy, well-balanced life continues to rise in London.

Nutritional food costs increased by 2.3% this year, adding over $18 onto the average family’s grocery bill each month. Officials at the Middlesex-London Health Unit say while that may not seem like a lot to the average working person, it is devastating for someone on a fixed income.

“A single man who is receiving Ontario Works after paying for local rent and food costs, he’s already minus $102 in a month. He doesn’t even have enough money to pay for rent and food,” says Registered Dietician Kim Leacy. “We are doing some advocacy related to increasing social assistance rates. In Ontario, over 60% of people on social assistance are food insecure.”

This year’s increase is on par with last year’s numbers. The average family of four’s grocery bill for one month is $804.64.