New Name For Transplant Unit

Dr. Calvin Stiller and colleagues at the unveiling of the Stiller Blackburn Mutli-Organ Transplant Unit at LHSC's University Hospital.

The Walter J. Blackburn Multi-Organ Transplant Unit at University Hospital is now known as the Stiller Blackburn Multi-Organ Transplant Unit after Dr. Calvin Stiller.

Dr. Stiller belongs to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. He is world renowned as a champion for organ transplant and his work to reduce organ rejection through the use of a drug called cyclosporine.

Stiller and late philanthropist Blackburn partnered to establish the London Health Sciences Centre as a leader in transplant surgeries and rally for organ donation.

“The current work done here is extraordinary. Their success rate is in the top tier. I don’t think there’s a unit in published data that has the success rate that this unit has,” says Stiller. “Before you were committing half your patients to die. Following our work with the application of cyclosporine that changed dramatically, now instead of 50% of patients dying, 95% of patients live.”

While Dr. Stiller has been retired for 12 years he remains extremely active in the local medical community.

Doctors at the Stiller Blackburn Multi-Organ Transplant Unit have conducted over 5,000 organ transplants, the first being a kidney transplant six months after University Hospital opened in 1972.