Caranci To Wrangle Police And Fire Budgets

Mayoral candidate Roger Caranci says if elected, there will not be another wage increase for police officers or firefighters in London any time soon.

In his latest campaign platform focusing on leadership, Caranci says he will work with the province to reduce the cost of the local police and fire departments. He notes a balance needs to be struck between police, fire and the taxpayer.

“We have to make sure they hear what the message is from those who pay to wages to those who provide the service, there is no more money,” says Caranci. “I think they have to understand. At some point they will have to make a tough decision. If that tough decision is looking at the core of people that they have, thenĀ I think they have to do what’s right for the citizens of London.”

London’s Police Services Board will table the draft budget for the next operating year at tomorrow’s meeting.

Caranci also wants to have all newly elected councillors meet to outline what they will do to make campaign promises a reality, create a mayor’s advisory committee and conduct a full staff review at City Hall.