Fanshawe Offering Beer Course

If you love beer, Fanshawe College has a class for you.

The college is offering a sommelier-style beer enthusiast program this fall that will allow beer lovers to learn more about their favourite beverage.

The course will be taught by Roger Mittag who says beer is getting a lot more attention these days.

“Because the micro, or craft, industry has really started to open up, it has opened peoples’ eyes to the fact that beer is not just the thing that we’ve always thought of. It has so many levels of complexity,” he says.

Mittag says the course will cover a wide range of beer-related information, including how to brew beer, the ingredients in it, it’s history, beer and food pairings, and how to appreciate different beer styles.

The classes are Tuesday nights from 6:30pm to 9:30pm and begin September 30.

Registration closes Monday, September 15.