Fire Station 7 Officially Opens

The London Fire Department's station 7. Photo by Ashton Patis,

London Fire Department’s $2.4-million Station 7 is now officially open after ten months of construction.

The Webster St. location replaces the old station on Highbury Ave., a welcome change for Fire Chief John Kobarda.

“Trying to get onto Highbury, sometimes you’d be lucky to get out and other times you were having to wait five to ten seconds before the cars stopped. Our business is about seconds, so if we’re delayed by a certain number of seconds then that’s causing issues,” says Kobarda. “We go through quite an analysis. You don’t have to move a fire station very far to make an impact one way or another. When we looked at the planning the station needed to be a little bit more east and more north to cover the eastern part.”

Construction started in June of 2014 and wrapped up in March 2014.

The original Station 7, built in 1962, will be decommissioned by the city.