Swan Presents Plan For Job Creation

Mayoral candidate Joe Swan says his seven point jobs plan will completely reallocate an already existing $10-million economic development fund.

The plan is to support local start-ups rather than using the money to attract large-scale manufacturers.

“You need to be real and practical, it has to be achievable. The big idea is having reliance on ourselves and growing on our talent and our people. That is the transformational direction for economic development,” says Swan. “We’re not giving up advance manufacturing, ¬†we’ll continue to do that but I think we have to expand our energies and our focus on local job creation on the expansion of local industry and local focus.”

Swan says he also wants to create a web marketing strategy for those who have home based micro-enterprises.

Other specifics include $750,000 in grants for employers who hire recent grads, $2-million for an export and trade initiative in an effort to increase locally-made exports and $1.5-million for new industry development.